The textbook of 2005-2010 includes many important events in the United States or dealing with the United States. Some very important events are not listed in this textbook, and maybe should. The only reason they are not in is that these events in my opinion do not have as great of an impact on the United States as the others.

I included the 2008 election because it was a very historical event in short history of America. We now have the first black president and the campaign he ran was incredible considering how many people supported him publicly. I did not focus as much on the details of the election as much as the historical part of it because I feel the historical part is going to be what will be remembered about this election instead of numbers and what states voted for the candidates. I also do not talk about McCain’s campaign, as much because many famous people publicly supported Obama’s campaign, there were shirts made for Obama with slogans like “Yes we can, “and” Change.” There are songs out about Obama like “My President is Black,” and “Change Gonna Come.” Barack also fundraised most of his money not like McCain who received it from corporation
I wanted to talk about the recession because it is the whole reason for the “change” by the new president. Obama inherited the recession and his campaign showed how he wanted to reverse the recession and take the U.S. back to the top of the economy. I think that it is a good point to show because when people look at this time period they will notice the largest recession since the Great Depression, which is a big deal.

I talked about a couple world affairs like Sadam Hussein because the United States captured him and funded the trial largely and it effected the War in the Middle East because we overthrew the Iraqi government in hope for a peaceful transfer to a democracy. The attacks in India show how the top economies are being targeted which is reminiscent of 9/11, but in India not America. The mainly targeted people were white westerner, which shows no matter where Americans are they could be targeted. The earthquake had Americans devastated along with the world and has raised lots of money in efforts to rebuild and have been helping out a great deal.

I did not put in any sports because I don’t think that they have to deal with America looking back on it, I wanted to focus on events with effects on the U.S. while the sporting events do not really do much for the country except maybe give country pride in World events.
I included technology because I feel we are in a technological revolution, just the beginning of one at least. Technology has grown in the past 10 years to touch screens and smaller digital chips that hold more memory, which will ultimately benefit the world with things like solving medical problems like the pandemic H1N1 that I included.

I did not include anything with NASA considering they have found out Mars could have once suited life on it at one time, but that does not have any effect on the U.S. at this time. I felt it was not as important and I also thought the continuing of the War in the Middle East was already know too well and would not be need to include. I tried to think of events that were the most effective or that would be a main event to sum up the half-decade kind of like how the Great Depression sums up the 30’s.